About BMC Truck Gear

Thank you for your interest in BMC Truck Gear and BMC HD Truck Gear line of products. These products include a wide variety of front-end replacement bumpers, and both heavy duty and standard duty grill guards. BMC Truck Gear also offers a complete line of tool boxes, fuel transfer tanks and step bars to fit your every need. 

As a division of BMC Truck Accessories, having a product with our name attached to it means a great deal of responsibility.  This direct access to our own line of products allows us to have a higher level of quality control than our competitors.  These products are not mass-produced to ensure the best quality and fit.  They also give value conscious customers an alternative to expensive national brands.

BMC Truck Gear Catalog

Do you want your vehicle featured in the new 2015 BMC Truck Gear Catalog? 

If you are a shop that installs our products or you are a vehicle owner that has BMC Truck Gear products on it, send us a picture and your ride could be part of the new 2015 BMC Truck Gear Catalog.

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